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06 Aug 2004Will you be a star in our eyes?

STOCKTON Council’s Care For Your Area Team is looking for someone who craves fame, wants to be an idol or finds the thought of being a celebrity applealing, as they are seeking five people to appear on several posters as part of a new advertising campaign.

The ‘stars’ who will appear on the posters as part of the campaign - ‘Recycling is easy…let’s do it together’, need to be over the age of 18. However, there are no restrictions to height, weight or gender or appearance.

A shortlist of successful model ‘wannabees’ will be compiled and then invited to visit a professional photographer where a number of ‘shots’ will be taken using specialist lighting and other effects.

The posters will be part of a bigger marketing campaign ‘Recycling is easy…let’s do it together’ to help increase the amount of household waste that can be recycled.

Stockton Council has received funding of £143,000 made available by the national organisation WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to help get the recycling message out to householders. Councils across England were invited to submit applications for financial support for recycling awareness campaigns and Stockton Council was one of only a handful of Local Authorities across the North-East to be granted the funds.

Those interested should send one or two photographs with name, address and a contact telephone number to: ‘I really want to be a star’, Stockton Borough Council, Sun Street, Thornaby, Stockton-on -Tees, TS17 6HB, by Friday 13th August. Unfortunately, photos cannot be returned.

Steve Nelson, Stockton Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “This is a great way of involving real people in real issues.

“We are hoping that people will send in their pictures for this poster which will carry an important message to be sent across Stockton Borough.”


FOLLOWING last year's successful series of talks on birds, Stockton's Library Service is planning a series of interesting and exciting talks with a difference this summer for children.

The Council's Children and Youth Services have arranged a series of one-hour talks about insects and mini beasts by Bob Brown from the Parks and Countryside Service.

This series will also see the inclusion of a number of live insects that can be found around the Borough, giving children a chance to see these fascinating creatures up close.

Bob Brown's talks will be held at the following libraries:

23 July - Norton Library 2pm - 2.45pm
26 July - Stockton Central Library 2pm - 3.30pm
3 August - Thornaby Central Library 2pm - 3.30pm
11 August - Thornaby Library Westbury Street 2pm - 3.30pm
19 August - Roseworth Library 2pm - 3.30pm

This year, the sessions will have a new feature in the form of a craft session run by SureStart Stockton-on-Tees based on the mini beast theme.

Sue Anderson, Stockton Council's Libraries and Information Services Manager, said: "These talks are ideal for parents and children to experience and learn something new about the natural world. Last year's sessions were well attended and we look forward to welcoming Bob Brown back to our libraries. Bob will be bringing some of the insects with him giving all an opportunity to view closely some of the mini-beasts we share our environment with."

The talks are free but place numbers are limited so please see a member of the library staff to book your place. Children under five must be accompanied throughout the talk and children under eight must be accompanied to and from the talk.
Sale of Composters

Stockton Council along with WRAP would like to invite you to participate in a recycling initiative aimed at reducing the amount of household rubbish in the Borough.

From 10am to 3pm on Sunday 1st August at Preston Park, Eaglescliffe compost bins will be offered for only £3 each

Bins can be bought on the day but obviously there will be a big demand for these and if you like you can pre book by ringing 0870 849 4875.
07/07/2004It’s ‘tickets please!’ as the first ever opera to be staged in a museum will be pulling into the Darlington Railway Museum from 27 - 30 July at 7.30pm and at 8.15 on Saturday 31 July for the final gala performance.

BLAZE! is a community opera starring Middlesbrough opera star Suzannah Clarke, the professional performers from Northern Stage and 100 young people from schools across the Tees Valley. Funded by Creative Partnerships Tees Valley BLAZE! is one of the biggest arts events in the region.

Tickets range from just £2.50 to £7 - booking is from Darlington Civic Theatre on 01325
486 555.

Using the powerful backdrop of the Darlington Railway Museum, BLAZE! features Stephenson’s original locomotive, and much of the fascinating old rolling stock, all maintained by the experts at Darlington Railway Preservation Society.

The opera appeals to all age groups and is based on a central theme of harmony. The story is
captivating: when a young boy steals the Bell from Stephenson’s Locomotive, disruption and mayhem descend. Disruption in time, disruption in the community and disruption for the Briggs Family.

Time and space collapse with the unexpected return of a son from the affluent south and Stephenson himself reappears with a mission to punish the young thief and demand the return of the famous Bell.

For more details on the opera visit

Book your tickets from Darlington Civic theatre on 01325 486 555
01/04/2004Welcome to

Yarm has, in the past, had a number of website initiatives. All of which have failed at the first hurdle.

Commercial interests, ulterior motives and just plain misguided intentions have plotted to disgrace a number of these attempts.

In reality and with the right skills, it costs very little to set up and run a successful website. We have the skills and what's more we have a proven track record in providing local, useful, no nonsense community based websites in this area.

Our aim is simply to make ourselves redundant. We will never hide that fact. If we can cover the costs of owning the site through advertising that will suffice.

We will be actively fostering relationships within the area to bring you the type of content we feel you want to see. Our views on what is important will change as you contribute to the site but we will remain dedicated to offering useful and relevant content to the residents of Yarm.

What we're driving at here is that this is a community site and it is your community site. You can dictate the direction of the site and you can contribute to the content of the site.

We will censor nothing but the obscene. We allow you a forum for your concerns, wants and needs.

The site is split into a number of areas, each of which you can add to.
  • The forum - to discuss any matter you wish
  • The chat room - to chat in real time
  • selfServe - to add to many of the website areas i.e. What's On, Local News
  • Classifieds... - to sell those things gathering dust in the garage/loft

  • Most of these need no explanation suffice to say that you can add to almost every page on this site and in doing so will dictate the direction and usefulness of the site.


    We need people to submit local news, we need people to tell us more than we already know about Yarms history, we need people to tell us what matters to them. We are ideally placed to offer a means to establish and publish support for your campaign, to hold and publish details of your meetings or to simply advertise your activities.

    This really is your site, the first site to allow you to speak freely without commercial constraint or political pressure.

    Use us.


    Gary & Andy, Directors, Clear Chaos

    This will be the first and last plug we give ourselves.
    01/04/04Yarm School - Improvement results.....

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